I am a dedicated and hardworking individual with a strong passion for animation and motion graphics. One day I aspire be a lead animator working on a feature length film for a major company. I take great pride in bringing a positive and respectful attitude into the working environment. Team building and working together is an aspect of the industry that I enjoy, but I can also be independent and work solo on a project.  By learning from the very best in the industry and working with other animators, I have applied what I have absorbed to grow as a person and an animator.
        Currently I am a freelance artist seeking a job at a well respected company.  I have experience in rigging as well as character modeling.  Working with others and applying what I have learned helps me to become a better animator each day. Thank you so much for visiting my site and for considering me!

Phone: 407-406-0081


Email: aaronpinkewich@gmail.com



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